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So while the law might not require releases, these businesses choose to have releases anyway merely because they are scared to death of litigation and want to cover themselves as much as possible. It can be frustrating for photographers, but it is what it is. Exclusive vs. non-exclusive stock images You can decide to sell stock images through only one stock photo agency exclusively.

However, using the non-exclusive method lets you sell your stock images through multiple agencies and websites. While you will earn less per image sold, but there would be higher chances of selling more images. Take Model Releases So whenever you are shooting images that have faces of an individual(s) or when shooting private property that might be recognizable, you have to get model releases from the concerned individuals and property owners.

Others, however, believe that you can create art specifically for paying clients and maintain your artistic integrity at the same time. With a focus to sell stock photos, you need to study the demand of the various genres of stock photography and then create images like those that clients will want to purchase for their commercial projects.

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The site will then display photos that are tagged with these keywords for the buyer to look through. Use conceptual tags as well For example, for an image of a kid playing, you can add tags such as happiness, joy, childhood, playtime and similar tags that describe the character, emotions, and activity being depicted in the photo.

But if your photo doesn't have any of those keyword tags on it, then that client will never see it. Keyword research and effective tagging are significant for making your stock images highly searchable. Do Not Spam You need to avoid being spammy when it comes to keywords and tags on these photo sites.

Stock photo agencies are very particular about showing only the relevant images in the searches, and our account might be penalized if you abuse the tag feature when uploading images. Here is an example of tag spamming. Let's say you upload an image of two business executives shaking hands at a desk in an office, but then you use a bunch of tags that have nothing at all to do with that image - such as "manufacturing, warehouse, weight loss, online dating, love, hate, money" etc.

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Abusing the system like this will likely get you kicked out and banned permanently. Where Can You Sell Stock Photos? There are dozens of stock photo sites out there where you can upload your images for sale. Some of them are the best sites to sell photos, and some of them are not.

All of them have pros and cons -- all of them. So do your due diligence when deciding where to sell your photos. Here are the top 6 most popular stock websites for photographers: Getty Images has been around forever, as they were one of the first stock photo websites to hit the web back in 1995.

For a photojournalist, it is one of the best sites to sell photos. photojobz. They divide their contributor opportunities into three categories: Creative/advertising, News, sports, and entertainment, Historical/archival Getty doesn’t just accept every photographer who comes its way. If you don’t get accepted the first time, then improve your craft and try again.

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You will see their images all over the place. They offer a lot of exposure and sales potential for photographers due to the massive traffic they receive online. Sign up is free. New contributors earn anywhere from $0. 25 to $80 per download, depending on the client type and license type.

Owned by Getty, i, Stock is a great start for many new photographers. You still need to apply and submit high-quality images to get accepted, though. Commissions range from 15 percent to 45 percent, and i, Stock is arguably the most well-known agency on this list. So getting accepted here is a big deal.

com artist community click here >> You can choose to submit images to Dreamstime either as a non-exclusive contributor or as an exclusive contributor. You can also mix-and-match the two depending on images that you have submitted. For non-exclusive images, Dreamstime pays 25-50% of the net sales of an image's downloads.